Christmas Shorts


December 7-22

Come to the Black Box Theater for some Christmas fun in December! We will be presenting Christmas Shorts, five merry little comedies by Matt Hoverman, directed by Melinda Gallant.

A celebrated Winner of the 2009 Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival, playwright Matt Hoverman brings an evening of hilarious short holiday comedies to the stage. Christmas Shorts offers five original plays that humorously comment on holiday themes: family, the nativity, Xmas cards, and elves. An outstanding Christmas collection! Featuring Charlotte Green, Bobby Genereau, Frank Hughes Jr., and Janet Geist Moore.



Going Home
Newlyweds Greg and Cheryl have resolved to spend Christmas together alone in their tiny apartment for the first time... but when Cheryl decides at the last minute she can't resist the siren call of her dysfunctional family, it's all Greg can do to keep her from Going Home. 

The Student
A two-character holiday comedy about a burnt-out, adult education writing teacher who rediscovers his passion in one of the strangest student-teacher conferences of all time. 

The Christmas Witch
Two dudes find their relationship challenged when an ex-girlfriend with a penchant for breaking hearts and feasting on human flesh shows up one holiday eve... Can even the bond that unites two male roomies withstand the coming of... THE CHRISTMAS WITCH?! 

Xmas Cards
Every year, prosperous, conservative couple Ned and Nelly fill out their Christmas cards together. Or rather, Ned tries to fill them out and Nelly slowly drives him insane. Why should this year be any different? 

Two strangers (one dressed as Mary, the other as Joseph for separate upcoming holiday pageants) meet in the waiting room of the Bethlehem, PA Fertility Clinic one Christmas Morning.

Christmas Shorts
in the Black Box Theater
December 7-22, 2017
Thurs-Sat at 7:30pm; 1:00pm Sun
Tickets $18, $15 for Members

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