Classes and workshops at the Center are presented in a warm and inviting place in which all members of the community are invited to explore creativity, socialize with others and try something new.  We offer classes under the supervision of skilled and credentialed teachers in the visual arts, music, theater, film and writing.  We strive to offer classes for people of all ages and abilities.

For more information about our faculty, please visit our teacher bios page.

PLEASE NOTE:  Online registration for classes closes one week prior to the class start.  If you wish to register for any class within seven days of its start date and time, please call (508) 428-0669.  A member of our box office staff would be happy to assist you.


Cape Cod Drum Circle

with Sam Holmstock of Entrain
Ongoing: 1st Tuesday of every month

Cape Cod Drum Circle     
A Drum Circle is a group of people, from just a few to say 50, sitting in a circle experiencing the spontaneous creation of music on a variety of drums and World percussion. It evokes the universal rhythm inside of us all. Anyone can participate. No experience necessary.

Teen Acting

with Holly Erin McCarthy and Anthony Teixeira
Ages 13-18
Begins January 26

Do you love performing? Have you been looking for an opportunity to improve your skills and confidence as an actor? Have you always wanted to be on stage but you just aren't sure where to start? Teen Acting will give you the boost you need whether you've been performing all your life, are just getting started, consider acting a hobby or are interested in pursuing a career in theater arts. These experienced and enthusiastic teachers will give you the tools you need to land any role and steal every scene.
Topics covered in this class will include audition techniques, choosing a monologue, scene study, committing to a role and giving a sincere performance, intro to acting methods (Meisner, Alexander, etc.) 
and additional topics tailored around YOUR interests in theater!

The Power of Pastel Winter Session

with Ed Chesnovitch
Begins January 26

Fire up your imagination and explore the emotional side of landscape pastel painting. This soft pastel class will focus on creating strong simplified starts by using big shapes of bold color. Working on various grounds we will explore underpainting techniques, mark making, and significant color choices to push a painting further. Go beyond your comfort zone, create a more expressive sense of atmosphere and have confidence with pastel. 

Open Live Model Session 2015

with Jackie Reeves
ongoing Wednesdays - ongoing  7:00-9:30  in the Annex

Work in a studio environment from a live model in your preferred medium with both short poses and longer studies. For more info, contact Jackie at

Artful Thursdays - Beginning Drawing

with Jackie Reeves
Begins February 5

Are you intimidated by the idea of drawing? Has it been years since you even tried? Take a leap of faith and come learn some basic strategies to drawing that you most likely never learned in your youth. Drawing is not a gift- it’s a skill that anyone can develop. In this introductory workshop you will rediscover the joy of drawing and will learn some techniques that will give you confidence to continue on your own or enroll in a future class.

Exploring Abstract Art

with Carl Lopes
Begins February 9

Are there times when you just don't "get" abstract art?  Do you want to know more about contemporary art and what abstract artists are trying to convey?  Abstract art doesn’t have to be so unclear.  There is a way to “read” abstract paintings and that basic understanding can take you a long way!  You can apply this method to every painting you see—so when you’re faced with a “what am I looking at” piece, you’ll know where to begin.  Join us for an interesting and interactive experience as we discuss the concepts and techniques behind abstract art.

Opposites Attack!

with Michelle Law
ages 8-12
Begins February 9

View the Arts Foundation annual exhibit for children, Opposites Attract and create art work in this hands-on match-up of artistic terms and mediums.  Each week an assortment of "opposites of the art world" will be featured such as pencil vs. paint, symmetry vs. asymmetry, abstraction vs. realism. Participants will choose their favorites and make creations using a variety of art supplies. 

Musical Theater Dance Workshop February School Vacation

with Michele Colley and Kris Hill
Ages 7-12
Begins February 16

Experience the world of musical theater in a five-day performance-based workshop were students learn the basics of singing, dancing, acting and the visual arts associated with a performance. At the end of the week, these disciplines come together in a fun creative production for family and friends.  Musical Theater Dance Workshop is one of the most popular classes on Cape Cod.

My Dance Class 2015

with Michele Colley
Begins February 24

A cardio-dance class for every level of dancer and exercise enthusiast which uses original choreography combining Hip-hop, Funk, Broadway, Jazz, Latin, Modern, whatever style fits the music. Address the five components of fitness: cardiovascular, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and body fat, in a fun and funky way. It is a non-stop, 60 minute workout that will melt away fat while boosting your dance skills. My Dance Class gives dancers of all ages the ability to attain their fitness goals.

Clay Tiles and More 2015

with Lois Hirshberg
Begins February 25

Learn the skills needed to create your own beautiful decorative tiles in this ceramics workshop. Class will cover rolling out clay tiles, carving and surface techniques, glazing and installation. In this workshop, participants will experience working with clay through handbuilding individual tiles. Participants will experiment with using coils or slabs to create forms. We’ll also explore various techniques for decorating  tiles, including painting with underglazes, using slips or stains, carving designs and making imprints. You will leave the class with unique ready-to-hang tiles!  All levels are welcome. 

iPad as a Canvas Winter Session 2015

with Lori Cooney
Begins February 26

Did you know that your iPad is an artistic medium just like any canvas? In this workshop, we will learn how to use an iPad for sketching, drawing, painting, and producing works of art. You will need to purchase the recommended app for approximately $5 after registration.  A stylus would be helpful as well. 

Simplify your Pastel Landscape

with Ed Chesnovitch 
Begins February 28

“How do I simplify all those details I see in the landscape?"  This soft pastel class will cover some methods and techniques that will help you simplify your approach to landscape painting.  Learn strong block-in and underpainting techniques. Each session will explore various exercises and instruction, one-on-one easel time, critiques and lots of creative fun.

Creative Adventures in Drawing and Painting

with Karen Maker
Ages 9-14
Begins March 4

Is your child interested in learning how to draw and paint? This class is the perfect introduction to building those skills. Children will explore different techniques that will give them confidence and encourage their imaginations. They will use the knowledge of the drawing fundamentals and apply them to their watercolor and acrylic paintings, working on watercolor paper and canvas. Children will be amazed at their results!

Drawing for the Absolute Beginner

with Jackie Reeves
Ages 14 through adults
Begins March 4

Has it been years since you tried to draw or are you intimidated by the idea of taking a drawing class? Very few people realize that drawing is not a gift- it’s a skill that anyone can develop- including you. Take a leap of faith and come learn strategies to drawing that you were likely never taught as a child. In this introductory class you will discover the joy of drawing and learn techniques developed by Betty Edwards in Drawing on the Right Side of The Brain that will give you confidence in rendering. We will cover the basics including contour, negative and positive space, perspective, shading and portrait drawing. 

Artful Thursdays - Art Journaling

with Lenore Lyons
Begins March 5

Making an art journal is fun. It’s a creative way to think and reflect on life. It’s not about creating a masterpiece; it a book to play with colors, images and words to make pages that are pleasing to you. Explore Art! with a ridiculous amount of supplies. Add background colors and textures, no drawing needed! Document your thoughts with simple and fun art techniques. Make some sample pages in this evening workshop. Give it a try.

All supplies provided.  . 

Theater Workshop Spring 2015

with Karen Santos
ages 9-12
Begins March 5

Become part of the creative world of theater!  Develop characters, improvise scenes, learn actor warm-up exercises and play theater games.  Invent your own scenarios and act them out.  Discover basic acting techniques and theater language. Stretch your imagination in this class designed to expand your creative thinking.

Acrylic Still Life

with Rosalie McCarthy 
Begins March 6

Join us, have fun & explore the medium of acrylics as Rosalie guides you through the process with individual instruction; beginning with the initial sketching to layering the paint in stages (glazing & under painting) to the final details. You may bring in your own still life objects or photographs for inspiration.  Additional objects and photos will be available from the instructor.

Advanced Acting: Comedy and Drama

with Jim Pettibone
Begins March 7

In this class we’ll explore the ways an actor can enhance the comedy of a humorous scene as well as heighten the drama in a serious scene. We’ll look how such things as vocal inflection, body language, pauses and other elements of human behavior can bring out what the writer intended. We’ll also talk about different comedic and dramatic character types.

Intro to Ukulele Spring Session 2015

Intro to Ukulele with Steve Gregory
Begins March 7

Everyone is musical. Explore the music in you with the Ukulele! The Ukulele has enjoyed a come back in recent years with popular artists such as Train, IZ, and Jake Shimabukuro leading the charge. Students of Intro to Ukulele will learn basic chords and strumming patterns to classic songs such as “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, " Sea Of Love" “Three Little Birds” and “Sweet Caroline”. We’ll also take song suggestions from the group. Singing along is encouraged but not required. Once you’ve learned a few basic techniques, you’ll be on your way to playing pretty much any song you’d like to. Performance opportunities are available as well!  We have some loaner ukuleles available. A tenor size is suggested for adult men as it is a larger more comfortable size.  * Please no baritone or bass ukuleles.  

Intermediate Ukulele Spring Session 2015

with Steve Gregory
Begins March 7

Intermediate Ukulele covers finger picking, single note melody playing, advanced and novelty strumming patterns, tablature, jazz chords and other fun approaches to the instrument. Material covered in the class is constantly changing and ever evolving. We change up the repertoire to suit the taste and ability of those taking the class. We'll be covering songs by artists such as The Beatles, Van Morrison, and Leonard Cohen as well as Motown classics and tunes from the Great American Songbook. Join us for some playing and singing!  Guitarists, beginner, intermediate, advanced ukulele players and Intro to Ukulele alumni, are all encouraged to join Intermediate Ukulele with Steve Gregory. Even if you've taken our class before, we want you! Several of our groups members have taken the class two or three times.  

World Rhythms Spring Session

with Sam Holmstock
Begins March 17

It's time for more rhythm in your life!  Have you always been attracted to rhythm and drums but don't know how to get started?  In this hands on class, students will have an opportunity to learn the traditional rhythms and play them in the time-honored ensemble setting. Students will learn rhythms and hand drumming technique from the drum cultures of Africa, Cuba, Brazil, Haiti and the Middle-East. We will trace the evolution of world rhythms from their tribal roots to present day musical contexts of Hip-Hop and International Pop styles. This class will explore the theory and practice in the use of percussion as ritual, communication, and recreation from around the world. We will also explore the aspects and guidelines for the modern day Drum Circle for fun and relaxation. No experience is necessary. This will be an opportunity for beginners to get their feet wet and for experienced players to hone their skills and for everyone to have fun. Drums will be provided for those that don’t already have them.

Artful Thursdays - Process Painting

with Caroline McCartie 
Begins March 19

If you were given brushes, paper, colorful paints, and a safe space free from comments and critique, what would you paint? A better question might be how would you paint? And what might you discover about yourself? Come find out what happens when we loosen the grip of right/wrong, good/bad, artist/non-artist and open our unique creative selves. We'll play with simple materials and turn the traditional focus upside-down: rather than teaching technique, this evening will engage you with your own creative process. All are welcome, from seasoned artist to those who have never picked up a brush. 

Collage Workshop - Energize your Work with New Ideas

with Suzanne Siegel
Begins March 21

This fun and inspiring collage workshop will give you many new ways to think about what art can be. Collage allows for both intentional and unplanned results, bringing fresh ideas into your world. Do you love color, and want to try new ideas or experiment with new subjects, shapes, compositions or more abstract ideas?  We will be daring and take risks in a small format. On the first day, we will paint good quality paper with watercolors in a full spectrum of colors and range of textures. Attention to value contrast, color harmony, scale, space, and shape among other important elements will be addressed on the second day. Pieces by well-known collage artists will be discussed. Join us with a playful spirit and re-energize your artwork, making it stronger and more compelling.

What’s Your Story, Morning Glory? Spring Session

with Christine Rathbun Ernst
Begins March 21

Hey, busy women! Think you don't have anything to write about? That your story's not that interesting? Boring, even? Join our class and discover a world of story in your day to day. Led by poet/playwright/loudmouth, Christine Rathbun Ernst, each class is structured around simple and fun writing exercises, experience mining, exploration of the personal narrative, and optional weekly take-home assignments. No judgment, no critique, no spellcheck, just lots of writing, also reading aloud if you choose. And it's early on a Saturday so your weekend doesn't get screwed up. C'mon, Morning Glory -- grab your coffee, pad, and pen (laptop if you want) --  what's your story?

The Power of Pastel Spring Session

with Ed Chesnovitch
Begins March 23

Fire up your imagination and explore the emotional side of landscape pastel painting. This soft pastel class will focus on creating strong simplified starts by using big shapes of bold color. Working on various grounds we will explore underpainting techniques, mark making, and significant color choices to push a painting further. Go beyond your comfort zone, create a more expressive sense of atmosphere and have confidence with pastel.  

Spruce Up your iPhotos with Snapseed

with Lori Cooney
Begins March 26

Do you take a lot of pictures with your iPhone or iPad? Would you like to learn some tricks on making those photos look better? Come to this workshop to discover a bunch of tricks and tips to improve those photos in Snapseed. The app is free; the creative options are endless!

Explore Art! Journals

with Lenore Lyons
Begins March 26

Whether you are new to journaling or have some experience, art journaling is a fun and relaxing way to reflect on life. Drawing skills are not necessary (really!) This class will experiment with color, texture and more as we use a wide variety of journaling techniques including image transfers, use of photos and other graphics. We’ll try a variety of ways to add text of all sizes to your work. We’ll add windows and doors. Get your hands into some art materials and discover what you like.

Artful Thursdays - Pyramids the Mystery and History

with Dennis Colligan
Begins April 2

Pyramids are interesting and often mysterious constructions found all over the planet and have been constructed from ancient to modern times. Participants will construct and paint their own 7” high cardboard pyramids using a simple construction techniques. Prior to making the pyramids there will be a short presentation on the history and mystery of pyramids around the world and a brief discussion. Everyone will go home with at least one pyramid of their own construction and a greater knowledge of pyramids.

Spring Watercolor Florals

with Rosalie McCarthy
Begins April 3

Pick your favorite flowers to paint from a variety of beautiful visual aids, supplied by the instructor and create your garden on canvas. Watercolor is a very fluid and forgiving medium so fussy details are unnecessary.  Join us and enjoy this supportive and non-intimidating atmosphere for beginning and intermediate skill levels. 

Embellished Chairs

with Alfie Glover  
Begins April 4

Repurpose old wooden chairs into beautiful pieces of art. Bring chairs and other interesting items to class, the instructor will help you to transform them into functional or non-functional sculptural pieces. Add flair to your piece with hand crafted or found materials to make unique and fun furniture.  Bring scrap wood or pieces you would like to finally put to use. We will have some parts to share.  Learn easy ways to attach dissimilar materials to embellish your work. Instructor will demonstrate the use of tools and techniques. No experience is necessary.  Just learn and have fun creating anything you can imagine! 

Get Ready for Kindergarten Spring Session 2015

with Barbara Bennett
For children entering Kindergarten in 2015 and a loved one.
Begins April 10

The first day of kindergarten is hard for parents, who can’t believe their child is growing up so fast. For the child, however, it can be an exciting transition. We invite all parents with children who are entering Kindergarten in 2015 to join us with your child to participate in activities designed to prepare you and your child to have a smooth transition to Kindergarten and school success. Parents are welcome to bring siblings of the Pre-K child. The program includes snack.

Soulful Pet Portraits

with Deb Hope Colligan
Begins April 11

Capture the soulful character of beloved animals on canvas. Use vibrant acrylic colors with a selection of mediums to create textures that will bring expressive and imaginative animals personalities to life on canvas. Bring several photographs of your favorite animal to work from along with optional photographs of seascapes/ landscapes for the background. This class will introduce you to the artistic historical significance of pet portraiture. Each class adds new elements, challenges, and accomplishments. Open to all.  

Artful Thursdays - Step by Step Acrylic Painting

with Karen Maker 
Begins April 16

Enjoy a fun evening painting with acrylic paints. Whether you've taken art classes before or never held a brush, you will be shown everything you need to know and take home a beautiful Cape Cod seascape.You will learn the basics and a few special techniques for creating your own masterpiece. 

Musical Theater Dance Workshop April School Vacation

with Michele Colley and Kris Hill
Ages 7-12
Begins April 20

Experience the world of musical theater in a five-day performance-based workshop were students learn the basics of singing, dancing, acting and the visual arts associated with a performance. At the end of the week, these disciplines come together in a fun creative production for family and friends.  Musical Theater Dance Workshop is one of the most popular classes on Cape Cod.

April Art Vacation

with Karen Maker  
ages 7-10
Begins April 20

Imagine Spring vacation with a full week of dynamic art classes! Join this creative adventure of different lessons in drawing and painting. We will be using a variety of mediums, including watercolor, acrylic, pastels and markers. Creativity is highly encouraged with fun and unique lessons each day. 


with Lori Cooney
Begins April 30

Lori Cooney is an award winning iPhoneographer and will share her expertise with participants in this workshop. Learn how to compose, crop, edit and publish your photos using iPhoto and other apps to be announced prior to class.

Saturday Yoga - Riding the Waves Within

with Michele Colley
year-round, ongoing Saturdays 8:00am-9:30am in the Annex

This class is yoga instruction designed to the individual needs of the students. The practice centers on watching the postures from with in, to deepen the practitioners understanding of the work and their body. Michele is a certified Massage Therapist who has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 30 years. She brings a deep knowledge of traditional yoga and the human body to her classes, Her instruction focuses on the individual needs of her students and their bodies providing each with challenging and rewarding work. She will often incorporate her training in dance, Pilates and Feldenkrais into the instruction. 

SUNday Morning Yoga

with Virginia Ryan
ongoing, Sunday mornings 8:30-9:45 am

SUNday morning Yoga – This  pure and simple 75-minute Hatha-based yoga class is for all levels.

We will move to the rhythm of our breath, creating inner space to promote health, healing, strength and confidence. The class will begin with deep stretching then move into a gently-paced Vinyassa flow centered around sun salutations.