Classes and workshops at the Center are presented in a warm and inviting place in which all members of the community are invited to explore creativity, socialize with others and try something new.  We offer classes under the supervision of skilled and credentialed teachers in the visual arts, music, theater, film and writing.  We strive to offer classes for people of all ages and abilities.

For more information about our faculty, please visit our teacher bios page.


Drum Circle 2014

with Sam Holmstock of Entrain
Ongoing: 1st Tuesday of every month

Cape Cod Drum Circle     
A Drum Circle is a group of people, from just a few to say 50, sitting in a circle experiencing the spontaneous creation of music on a variety of drums and World percussion. It evokes the universal rhythm inside of us all. Anyone can participate. No experience necessary.

Open Live Model Session 2014

with Jackie Reeves
ongoing Wednesdays - ongoing  7:00-9:30  in the Annex
(Please note: no class on on Wednesday, Sept. 10)

Work in a studio environment from a live model in your preferred medium with both short poses and longer studies. For more info, contact Jackie at

Alien Headgear

with Joan McDonald
Begins Oct 18

Are you wondering what to wear to the Center’s 14th Annual Arts and Souls Masquerade Ball this year? Looking for an original alien or outer-space costume idea to fit this year’s theme? Want to create cool headgear for the ball? Create an amazing piece of wearable art from cardboard, glue, spray-paint and other materials including found objects.  Brainstorm costume ideas to complete your alien persona. For more info, please contact Joan at

Mixed Media Adventure - Fall 2014

with Lenore Lyons
Begins Oct 20

Join together with others and explore your creativity. Start by creating a bird and nest with many mixed media details inspired by projects in magazines like Cloth Paper Scissors and Somerset Studios.  Is there something you have seen that you would like to create? Participants will make suggestions for subsequent projects. Have fun making things with others.  For more info, contact Lenore at

Artful Thursdays - Wooden Birds

with Alfie Glover
Oct 23

Create a whimsical wooden bird to hang on the wall or stand on a table. Draw your own bird or choose from several available styles.  Choose to make it functional with a decorative peg if you wish. Make a unique piece for yourself or as a gift - start to finish in this three hour workshop. For more info, contact Alfie at

How to Audition

with Jim Pettibone
Oct 25

Auditioning can be challenging even for professional actors. Learn and practice techniques that will help you in making clear acting choices as well as how to connect to your partner in an audition. We'll also talk about what’s frequently involved in callbacks and typecasting.  For more info, contact Jim at

Drawing People

with Jackie Reeves
YOUTH ages 14 and up
Begins Oct 29

Humans are made up of many complex parts that can seem overwhelming to draw. Many of us feel intimidated to draw people because of the pressure to capture a likeness. In this class students will learn techniques of drawing that will break down this process into manageable steps. We will have live clothed models but will also learn how to draw people in everyday situations. Learn gesture, contour, proportion, composition, shading and bring those human models to life!  For more info, contact Jackie at

Understanding Abstract Art

with Carl Lopes
Begins October 29

If you’ve ever been to a museum or a dinner party with art lovers, you’ve probably heard people discussing “abstract art”—but it seems like every time the topic comes up, it gets more convoluted.  Abstract art doesn’t have to be so unclear.  There is a way to “read” an abstract painting and a basic understanding can take you a long way! With a basic idea of the history of abstract art, you can apply a method to every painting you see—so when you’re faced with a “what the heck am I looking at” piece, you’ll know where to begin.  Join us for an interesting and interactive experience as we discuss the concepts and techniques behind abstract art.  For more info, please contact Carl at

Still Life in Watercolor or Acrylic

with Rosalie McCarthy
Begins Oct 31

Join us, have fun and explore watercolors or acrylics in this class.  Try a new medium or stay where you’re comfortable.  The instructor will guide you through the process individually from the initial sketching to layering paint in stages (glazing & under painting) to the final details. Choose from an array of photographs that will be available for all skill levels or choose to paint from a still life set up.  Suitable for beginner or intermediate skill levels.  Please contact Rosalie at for more information or a materials list.

What’s Your Story, Morning Glory? - Late Fall 2014

with Christine Rathbun Ernst
Begins Nov 1

Hey, busy women! Think you don't have anything to write about? That your story's not that interesting? Boring, even? Join our class and discover a world of story in your day to day. Led by poet/playwright/loudmouth, Christine Rathbun Ernst, each class is structured around simple and fun writing exercises, experience mining, exploration of the personal narrative, and optional weekly take-home assignments. No judgment, no critique, no spellcheck, just lots of writing, also reading aloud if you choose. And it's early on a Saturday so your weekend doesn't get screwed up. C'mon, Morning Glory -- grab your coffee, pad, and pen (laptop if you want) --  what's your story? For more info, contact Christine at

Intro to Ukelele - Late Fall Session

with Steve Gregory

Everyone is musical. Explore the music in you with the Ukulele! The Ukulele has enjoyed a comeback in recent years with popular artists such as Train, IZ, and Jake Shimabukuro leading the charge. Students of Intro to Ukulele will learn basic chords and strumming patterns to classic songs such as “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, "Sea Of Love" “Three Little Birds” and “Sweet Caroline”. We’ll also take song suggestions from the group. Singing along is encouraged but not required. Once you’ve learned a few basic techniques, you’ll be on your way to playing pretty much any song you’d like to. Performance opportunities are available as well!  For more info, contact Steve at

Intermediate Ukulele - Late Fall Session

with Steve Gregory
Begins Nov 1

Intro to Ukulele Alumni, guitarists, beginner, intermediate and advanced Ukulele players are all encouraged to join Intermediate Ukulele with Steve Gregory! Even if you've taken our class before, we want you! Several folks have taken the class two or three times! Material covered in the class is constantly changing and ever evolving. We change up the repertoire to suit the taste and ability of those taking the class. Intermediate Ukulele also covers finger picking, single note melody playing, advanced and novelty strumming patterns, tablature, jazz chords and other fun approaches to the instrument. Arrangements are new and fresh for each new session! We'll be covering songs by artists such as The Beatles, Van Morrison, and Leonard Cohen as well as Motown classics and tunes from the Great American Songbook. Join us for some playing and singing For more info, contact Steve at

Improv - Fall 2014

with Jim Pettibone
Ages 15 and up
Begins Nov 1

We’ll examine and apply the key concepts that make up this lively and imaginative type of performing. Through a wide assortment of improv games and scenes you’ll be able to play different characters and create one-of-a-kind spontaneous stories. For more info, contact Jim at

Illustration Theater

with L. Michelle Law
YOUTH ages 7-10
Begins Nov 3

Create your own 3D portable paper stage complete with enough illustrated scenery, props and characters to recreate an original story. Each scene change from the show will be photographed, and then the printed images will be bound by the students to create a truly unique book of their completed show.  For more info, please contact Michelle at

Pastels with a Punch - Late Fall Session

with Ed Chesnovitch
Begins Nov 3

Leave your comfort zone and enter a world of exciting and expressive pastel application.  This soft pastel class will focus on painting landscapes that have some attitude. Working on various grounds, we will explore underpainting techniques, mark making, and significant color choices to push a painting further. Learn to simplify your approach, get creative and have some fun!  For more info, contact Ed at

Solo Show Workshop - Fall 2014

with Bronwen Prosser
Begins Nov 3

Want to actually make your story into a show!? A fun and fierce class designed to take your solo show to the next performance ready level. This class will focus on the performance aspect of your work helping you to develop your story to be ready for an audience. Dig in, go further, explore new territory as a storyteller. The final class is a performance in front of our invited audience. For more info, contact Bronwen at

Artful Thursdays - Miniature Books

with Lenore Lyons
Nov 6

Make a variety of miniature art books including the clever star book, the double bound dos-a- dos and a pop up book that contains a short message. Use as special cards or small gifts in this three hour, start to finish workshop.  For more info, please contact Lenore at

Three Steps to Stronger Paintings

with Mary L. Moquin
Begins Nov 8

This highly structured class will focus on what it takes to find your voice as an artist and learn ways to express it. The class is broken into 3 topics. The first two weeks will focus on composition and how it can be used to get your message across. The second two weeks are focused on value patterns and how color relates to value. The last two weeks focus on color mixing and color palettes. This is a great class for all levels and all mediums, lots of handouts and discussion.  For more info, please contact Mary at

Photo Books

with Lori Cooney
Nov 13

Use your digital photos to get started creating a photo book that can be shared or printed right from your iPad. It's an easy way to make photo albums just like you used to as a kid. In order to participate, you must bring your iPad and make sure your photos are on the iPad before you come to class. A list of apps will be emailed out to the registrants prior to class. Please note, there may be a small fee associated with the recommended apps. There will be a fee to order one or more finished books.  For more info, contact Lori at

Artful Thursdays - Fanciful Fish

with Sarah Edick
Nov 20

Make one or more fanciful wire fish using beads, sea glass, shells and other embellishments. Make smaller fish as ornaments or larger ones as wall or window deorations in this three hour, start to finish workshop.  For more info, please contact Sarah at

Artful Thursdays - Handmade Soap

with Joan McDonald
Dec 4

Learn to make handcrafted glycerin based soaps. Experiment with scents, botanicals, seeds, color, and shapes to add your own sparkle. Make some to keep and some to give away, start to finish in this three hour workshop. For more info, please contact Joan at

Saturday Yoga in the Gallery

with Michele Colley
year-round, ongoing Saturdays 8:15am-9:30am

Please note: No class September 20. Class will resume on September 27.

Michele brings deep knowledge of traditional yoga to her classes, stressing proper form and posture. Her instruction focuses on the needs of her students and their bodies providing each individual with challenging and rewarding work.

SUNday Morning Yoga

with Virginia Ryan
ongoing, Sunday mornings 7:00 – 8:15am
at Loop Beach through Labor Day
In the Gallery beginning September 7

SUNday morning Yoga – This  pure and simple 75-minute Hatha-based yoga class is for all levels.

We will move to the rhythm of our breath, creating inner space to promote health, healing, strength and confidence. The class will begin with deep stretching then move into a gently-paced Vinyassa flow centered around sun salutations.