Classes and workshops at the Center are presented in a warm and inviting place in which all members of the community are invited to explore creativity, socialize with others and try something new.  We offer classes under the supervision of skilled and credentialed teachers in the visual arts, music, theater, film and writing.  We strive to offer classes for people of all ages and abilities.

For more information about our faculty, please visit our teacher bios page.


Cape Cod Drum Circle

with Sam Holmstock of Entrain
Ongoing: 1st Tuesday of every month

Cape Cod Drum Circle     
A Drum Circle is a group of people, from just a few to say 50, sitting in a circle experiencing the spontaneous creation of music on a variety of drums and World percussion. It evokes the universal rhythm inside of us all. Anyone can participate. No experience necessary.

Open Life Drawing/Painting

with Jackie Reeves
ongoing Wednesdays - ongoing  7:00-9:30  in the Annex

These sessions provide an opportunity to work in a studio environment from a live model in the artists preferred medium. Artist Jackie Reeves will structure and time the model as well as be available for some basic instruction and coaching (optional for those who would like it). The sessions begin with about 25 minutes of warm up gesture poses and increase in time toward longer studies. Easels are provided and supplies for warm up gestures are available (charcoal and newsprint). Bring your own materials for longer poses. 

Drumming through Trauma

with Sam Holmstock of Entrain
Ongoing: Every Tuesday at 5:30pm beginning March 17

Cotuit Center for the Arts is offering a new class called Drumming through Trauma, designed for veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Drumming through Trauma is made up of weekly 90-minute classes using wooden drums and hand instruments. The classes focuses on drumming as a group, and each week begins with a warm up and ends with open jamming, also known as a drum circle.

Music Appreciation: The Best of Broadway

with David Cohen
Begins September 2

Discover what makes Broadway's “best” so special.  We'll review scenes from some of the top musicals of all time and discuss why these shows have captured the hearts and imagination of audiences for generations.  Each class will focus on one show with emphasis on understanding and more fully experiencing the music, lyrics, characters and plot lines.  Shows to be discussed will be some of the longest running Broadway musicals, including: The Phantom of the Opera, Cabaret, Cats, West Side Story, and The Producers.

The Writer’s Craft: Creative Triggers That Spark the Stories in You

with Ted Murphy
Begins September 8

Cape Cod Author and Boston College professor T.M. Murphy shares the tricks that have provided him with material for several books and a 20-year writing career. Classroom time will be devoted to various writing prompts including, music, objects, and characters in your life. Students will share their writing in a positive environment and obtain constructive criticism to help them thrive. Aspiring writers wanted.


with Sam Holmstock
Begins September 8

In this 10-session class, learn to build and play an Afro-Cuban shekere.  Pronunciation: SHAY-kuh-ray. The Shekere is a percussion instrument of West African origin consisting of a hollow gourd covered with loose netting on which beads, shells, or seeds are strung.  It can be played by shaking, tapping, rubbing or pulling on the net with the hands, and the effect is sonically similar to maracas or other shaker instruments. The shekere is found in various forms in a wide variety of West African and Caribbean musical genres, both traditional and contemporary, and is also a mainstay in certain genres of Afro-Cuban and music. Because the shekere is made of natural materials, including (usually) a real gourd, each individual instrument can vary substantially from the next in shape and size, which also affects the tone of the instrument. The class will focus on the construction of the beaded skirt and playing the instrument after the skirt is finished. All materials will be provided including the gourd, beads, string and top rope.

Pencil Portraits

with Rosalie McCarthy
Begins September 9

This six session class will demystify the ideas and challenges of drawing portraits.  Learn simple, effective steps to a complete portrait with line and simple shading techniques to add tonal dimension and depth. We will use a before-and-after approach so you can see what you can accomplish in just the first three hours. “It’s like magic,” said a student.  This is a fun, non-intimidating journey to portrait drawing for beginners and intermediates.

Creative Movement for Toddlers

with Miss Lori Dutra
Ages 2-6
Begins September 11

Children under 6 years of age are invited to join this movement class directed by Miss Lori Dutra.

Kids enjoy open play with balls, hoops, parachutes, gymnastics wedges, soccer nets, and more. Parents are asked to stay with their children. A great way to meet parents and other kids if you’re new in town! You’ll find some babies, lots of toddlers, and a few older kids (5+) at Creative Movement.

Ukulele Festival 2015: A Performance Class

with Steve Gregory
Begins September 12

Intermediate Level for Adults and Teens

In these four sessions, students will rehearse and prepare for a performance here at Cotuit Center for the Arts on October 25th at the 2015 Ukulele Festival. Classes will cover finger picking, single note melody playing, advanced and novelty strumming patterns, tablature, jazz chords and other fun approaches to the instrument.

What’s Your Story, Morning Glory? Fall 2015

with Christine Rathbun
Begins September 12

Have you always wanted to write but worry that your story's not that interesting? Join our class and discover a world of story in your day to day. Each class is structured around simple and fun writing exercises, experience mining, exploration of the personal narrative, and optional weekly take-home assignments. No judgment, no critique, just lots of writing and sharing through reading aloud if you choose.

Finding Your Inner Fashionista Workshop

with Kathy Sullivan
September 12 &19

Visit with Fashion Adviser Kathleen Sullivan for two fashion seminars. In the first one-hour class, learn up-to-date scarf tying techniques and the best jewelry for you to wear. In the second class, discover the most expressive colors for your wardrobe, as well as some basic essentials for your closet. Bring your favorite scarf!                           

Advanced Acting: Tools of the Trade

with Jim Pettibone
Begins September 12

This class we’ll explore a number of specific concepts and techniques – such as subtext, the inner monologue, transitions and personal imagery – that actors use to get more fully into their characters.  For more information contact:

Creative Drama

with Karen Santos
YOUTH Ages 10-15
Begins September 12

Have a blast in this six week session consisting of theatre games and exercises, improvisation, story building and enactment, and basic acting techniques. The class focus is on participation and experience and will culminate in a final performance showcasing what students have learned. It’s a fun class designed for your imagination and creativity!

Young Adult Fiction Writing

with Jim Hill
Begins September 14

Turn your great idea into a young adult novel! In six weeks you’ll learn about plot, character, pacing, and other important elements in creating a good story. You’ll examine other YA books to discover what makes them successful and join your classmates in writing your own stories, learning to make them stronger via supportive critique.

Fall Pastels with a Punch! Session 1

with Ed Chesnovitch
Begins September 14

Leave your comfort zone, and enter a world of exciting and expressive pastel application.  This soft pastel class will focus on painting pastel landscapes that have light, color and attitude!  The focus will be on how to create strong simplified starts using big shapes of bold color, and explore various underpainting techniques, mark making, and significant color choices to push a painting further. We explore composition, value, and color, and we will learn about how to simplify our approaches to achieve exciting pastel paintings. Plenty of individual help at the easel. Get creative and have some pastel FUN! 

Basic Drawing-Youth

with Terry Kole
YOUTH Ages 12-18
Begins September 14

Whether you're a beginner or have been drawing forever, you can always benefit from going back to the basics. In this six-session class, we will start with simple objects with simple shapes and add dramatic lighting. Textures like cloth, glass, floppy fabric and metal will be explored. The purpose is to learn to draw well with your hands what your eyes are seeing. You will also learn about the tools of the trade - and how to get great results with your tools.

From the Page to the Stage: Stagecraft

with Richard Neal
Begins September 14

This class will explore the process of developing visual ideas to bring dramatic three-dimensional theater concepts to life. The method of enlargement using a scale ruler to achieve a specific ratio relative to actual size will be introduced. After selecting from several short play synopses, participants will utilize mat board and other materials to construct unique and intriguing scaled models for theater production.

Drawing for Beginners

with Jackie Reeves
Begins September 15

Has it been years since you tried to draw, and are you intimidated by the idea of taking a drawing class? Very few people realize that drawing is not a gift- it’s a skill that anyone can develop, including you. Take a leap of faith and come learn strategies to drawing that you were likely never taught as a child. In this introductory class, you will rediscover the joy of drawing and learn techniques that will give you confidence in rendering. We will cover the basics, including contour, negative and positive space, perspective, shading and portrait drawing. 

Fall Acrylic Florals 2015

with Rosalie McCarthy
Begins September 15

Acrylics are a very forgiving and easily corrected medium to work in.  Join us and have fun in this relaxed, non-intimidating atmosphere  with lots of individual instruction from the initial sketching to the layering in of paint up to the final details  Rosalie will give a brief overview of the paints, proper brushes, loading and application, as well as individual demonstrations to demystify the process. All levels welcome.

Beginning Adult Tap Dance

with Susan Friedman
Begins September 15

Cape Cod master teacher Susan Mendoza Friedman will introduce basic tap technique with her usual energy and creative style. For those who have no previous tap experience but who want to become the next Ginger Rogers or Fred Astaire! Great music…great exercise…great fun! You are guaranteed to leave the class with a smile.

Ballet Barre

with Susan Friedman
Begins September 15

New to Cotuit Center for the Arts! This class is for those looking for a moderate fitness workout and much more!  The class is formatted to tone the entire body with a variety of stretching and strengthening barre exercises as well as center work on the mat.  Treat yourself to an hour when you can lose yourself in beautiful music and explore your “Inner Ballerina”. Yoga mat and set of light weights are suggested. Ballet or other soft dance shoes required. Tutus optional!

Drawing Explorations Fall 2015

with Jackie Reeves
Begins September 16

In this six week class, you will be given a series of drawing exercises that develop skills in design, composition, shading and freeing up your line expression. We will work from a combination of still life set ups, a live clothed model, and your imagination. You will learn skills in perspective, proportion and shading, but the ultimate goal is to loosen up your drawing by working on large scale paper and to experience freedom using a variety of dry and wet materials. All levels are welcome. Materials are included.

Intermediate Oil Painting

with Joe Diggs
Begins September 17

In this class, learn to paint with color, emotion and rhythm. Explore how to package concept with technique to maximize your compositions and push your artwork to new levels. This workshop encourages participants to explore their art intuitively, by using the contemporary approach of having dialogue. See your art as it has never been seen before. Let's paint!  

Creating Artwork Together

with Deb Hope Colligan
Ages 2-5
Begins September 17

This class provides a nurturing environment where children and family members or caregivers can explore a variety of art materials, techniques and creative possibilities to do together. Children will develop their fine motor skills, and family members will learn ways to incorporate art at home. Children will create drawings, paintings, collages and more in a supportive environment.


with Terry Kole
YOUTH Ages 12-18
Begins September 17

In this class, you will learn to draw cartoons first by imitating the Masters of Cartooning. Then you will develop your own cartoon characters and your own style. Cartooning is a great way to express yourself. You can be silly or tell a great story through this medium. Terry Kole began her career with a cartoon strip that ran in several newspapers, including The Detroit News. She currently illustrates children’s books. 

Intermediate Adult Tap Dance Fall 2015

with Susan Friedman
Begins September 17

Cape Cod master teacher Susan Mendoza Friedman brings her tap energy and creative style to every class. This is a continuation of the Beginner Tap Class or for those with basic knowledge of tap technique.  Performance opportunities may be available for those interested. A fabulously fun class and great cardio workout... not to mention the sing-along possibilities to great music!  

Salsa Dancing Fall 2015

with Doug McHugh of Ballroom Bliss
Begins September 20

The Salsa is a hot and spicy dance. Hot because of its current popularity on the modern dance scene. Spicy because of the sensual body movements that will make any heart skip a beat. Salsa features lots of turns and spins as well as some intricate footwork. In three weeks, you will master the basics and turns that make Salsa so much fun to learn.

Makeup and Hair for the Stage

with Tom Crutchfield
Begins October 2

This class is designed to give students a basic working knowledge of stage makeup and hair design, history, and application. Students will learn through demonstration and application. Have fun and be beautiful on stage and off!

Young Artists- Fall 2015

with Karen Maker
Ages 8-12
Begins October 21

In this eight week session, students will have fun with drawing and painting using a variety of mediums and quality materials. We will also make art for the winter holidays!

Intro to Ukulele Fall 2015

with Steve Gregory
Adults & Teens
Begins October 24

Once you’ve learned a few basic techniques you’ll be on your way to playing pretty much any song you like. Especially welcome are folks with little or no musical instrument experience. Bring your own ukulele or some loaners will be available.

Be the Belle of the Ball: Burlesque

with the Brazen Belles’ Pepper Grinds
Begins October 26

Learn to shimmy, shake, strip and twirl as we go from Beauties to Burlesque Cuties!!! In six sessions, you'll learn the basics of burlesque history, character development and movement as you explore and discover your own inner Tease.  No experience necessary.

Fall Pastels with a Punch! Session 2

with Ed Chesnovitch
Begins October 26

Leave your comfort zone, and enter a world of exciting and expressive pastel application.  This soft pastel class will focus on painting pastel landscapes that have light, color and attitude!  The focus will be on how to create strong simplified starts using big shapes of bold color, and explore various underpainting techniques, mark making, and significant color choices to push a painting further. We explore composition, value, and color, and we will learn about how to simplify our approaches to achieve exciting pastel paintings. Plenty of individual help at the easel. Get creative and have some pastel FUN! 

How to Audition-Fall 2015

with Jim Pettibone
Ages 15 and up
Begins October 31

In this single session, we’ll practice techniques that will help you in making clear acting choices as well as connecting strongly to your partner. We'll also talk about what’s frequently involved in callbacks and typecasting.

Making Clay Tiles and Other Flat Forms

with Lois Hirshberg
Begins November 4

Learn the skills needed to create your own beautiful decorative tiles in this ceramics workshop! Class will cover rolling out clay tiles, carving and surface techniques, making stamps,  glazing and installation.   We’ll  explore various techniques for decorating  tiles, including painting with underglazes,  carving designs and making imprints. You will leave the class with unique tiles!  Students will be encouraged to expand on what they have learned and take projects in their own direction during class.  All levels are welcome. 

Artful Thursday: The Art of Living French Style

with Jamie Cat Callan
Begins November 5

Jamie Cat Callan, author of the best-selling French Women Don’t Sleep Alone, Bonjour Happiness, and Ooh la la, will bring her joie de vivre to Cotuit along with tips, including: living well with style, how French women enjoy more with less, and the art of dressing French. Bring in your favorite scarf and questions on how to bring a little more ooh la la into your life.  Jamie’s books have been translated into more than 35 languages and will be for sale after the event along with a free flute of champagne!

Artful Thursday-Navigating School Projects

with Lenore Lyons
November 12

Projects are coming....learn how to make them less stressful for both your child and you. Find out about clays, paints and posters in this hands-on workshop, discover what works best for which type of assignment. Your child will be set up for success with the right materials for the project.  Participants will try a variety art supplies and discover the unique properties of the different kinds of modeling materials and easy clean up tips. You will leave with a list of supplies to have on hand for those, "I forgot I have to make a project for tomorrow!" moments.  Join in for a fast paced evening of school art help from an experienced elementary school teacher.

Acting the Monologue

with Jim Pettibone
Ages 15 and up
Begins November 14

Monologues present a distinct challenge to the actor, especially since they come in a variety of forms. In this class we’ll look at methods for 1) analyzing their structure and 2) delivering them with impact.

Saturday mornings Nov 14, 21, Dec 5, 12  
10:30 to 12:00 in Annex
$75/$63.75 members

Saturday Yoga - Riding the Waves Within

with Michele Colley
year-round, ongoing Saturdays 8:00am-9:30am in the Annex

This class is yoga instruction designed to the individual needs of the students. The practice centers on watching the postures from with in, to deepen the practitioners understanding of the work and their body. Michele is a certified Massage Therapist who has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 30 years. She brings a deep knowledge of traditional yoga and the human body to her classes, Her instruction focuses on the individual needs of her students and their bodies providing each with challenging and rewarding work. She will often incorporate her training in dance, Pilates and Feldenkrais into the instruction. 

SUNday Morning Yoga

with Virginia Ryan
ongoing, Sunday mornings 8:30-9:45 am

SUNday morning Yoga – This  pure and simple 75-minute Hatha-based yoga class is for all levels.

We will move to the rhythm of our breath, creating inner space to promote health, healing, strength and confidence. The class will begin with deep stretching then move into a gently-paced Vinyassa flow centered around sun salutations.