Cotuit Center for the arts houses one of the most beautiful exhibition spaces on Cape Cod.  The gallery is comprised of two levels, extending into the theater space on the upper level.  The exhibits on display rotate approximately every 4-6 weeks.  Most often there are 3 separate shows sharing the gallery space and including 3-dimensional work such as sculpture and pottery.  Exhibitions include solo shows, group shows and open-call juried exhibits and feature works by local, regional and international artists.  Each year the Center features an exhibit dedicated to members of Cotuit Center for the Arts.

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Gallery Hours:
Monday–Saturday; 10:00am to 4:00pm
Extended weekend hours
Sunday from 10:00am to 4:00pm
from Memorial Day through Columbus Day

Please join us for our "Following Fridays" - On the first Friday after a Gallery Exhibit opening, there will be a brown bag lunch meeting in the Gallery.  These meetings will include presentations by the Artist(s) and / or member of the Center's Curatorial Committee.


April-May Exhibits

Nathalie Miebach

Sturgis Charter School, the Town of Barnstable

Sculpture of Phyllis Hartley

April 3-May 3

eARThchange brings together diverse parties to explore the effects of climate change in an artistic way.  The sculpture and installations of Nathalie Miebach are juxtaposed with an artistic commentary on climate change from students of Sturgis Charter School in partnership with the Town of Barnstable’s growth management department. Phyllis Hartley’s sculpture, often made using recycled materials, rounds out this thought-provoking exhibition.

"Did winter get you down? Does your brain feel a little mushy and sluggish? Drag your tired self over to the Cotuit Center for the Arts galleries for a little pick-me-up. The exhibit of Nathalie Miebach’s sculptures and installations will give you food for thought for a long, long time."
     - Mary Richmond, The Barnstable Patriot

May - June Exhibits

Reluctant Landscapes: 
Betty Carroll Fuller, Jan Lhormer, Susan Lyman

Call Me Ishmael: A Juried Exhibit

May 21 to June 29

Three powerful women express sensuality in the work they create resulting in a varied and thought-provoking exhibition.  Jan Lhormer, Betty Fuller and Susan Lyman also serve as juror’s for the Center’s second open juried exhibit to be featured in the upper galleries.

July-August Exhibits

Pablo and Me: Sculpture by Zemer Peled

Marc St. Pierre: Encaustics

July 5 - August 3

Two provocative artists create a contemplative atmosphere in the galleries.  The upper galleries feature encaustic work of Marc St. Pierre and the lower gallery will feature a new installation by Zemer Peled, created for the space and inspired by the famous cello of Pablo Casal.  As an added bonus for our patrons, the artist’s brother, noted cellist Amit Peled, will perform a solo recital playing Casal’s cello reflected by his sister’s work.

August-September Exhibits

Photography by William Scully and Alan Trugman

Modern Quilters

August 7-September 7

The works featured in the galleries for this exhibit will surprise any visitors who think of photography or quilting in the traditional sense.  The photographs of Bill Scully and Alan Trugman explore mysterious nautical themes and the upper galleries offerings are anything but your grandmother’s quilts.  Traditional art forms reimagined.

September - October Exhibits

Paintings by Brian Rutenberg

Prints by Christiane Corcelle

Sculpture by Skip Treglia

September 13 - October 18

The Center’s production of “33 Variations” is the inspiration for the lower gallery exhibition of paintings by Brian Rutenberg, who is inspired by one of the foremost interpreters of Beethoven’s piano music, Glenn Gould.  The upper galleries feature prints by Christiane Corcelle, as well as new sculpture by Skip Treglia.

October - November Exhibits

The Enigma of 4am:
Laurie Kaplowitz
Stacy Latt Savage
Katha Seidman

and an Open Juried Exhibition

October 23-November 22

"Inspired by Giacomett's The Palace at 4 a.m. artists Stacy Latt Savage, Katha Seidman, and Laurie Kaplowitz collaborate on this exhibition of their work, including a site specific installation, that evokes their interpretation of 4 a.m. as a creative crucible, a transformative and mysterious time and place."

The three artists serve as jurors for an open juried exhibit in the upstairs galleries with a theme of the same name.

December Exhibits

the Annual Member Faculty Student Show

November 29 - December 24

Each year the Center seeks submissions for the annual Member, Student and Faculty exhibit.  One work may be submitted and will featured in this exhibit. There is also an annual members talent show immediately following the opening reception of this annual exhibit which celebrates our patrons and allows us to say “thank you” to our artistic community.